Progress report: HAZMAT, my latest map for Half-Life

If you read my post on Twitter now and then, you might know that I am currently working on a vanilla Half-Life map. Though I have been playing around with the GoldSrc engine, this will be my very first fully playable Half-Life map.

During the early construction stage of the map, I learned about this contest by TWHL for Half-Life’s 20th anniversary, so I decided to participate. That’s also the reason why this map will be rather small in size. I just hope I can finish it in time.

The map is all about the single player experience and will represent a small warehouse complex that’s infested with both human and alien enemies. The puzzle element in this map will be reduced to a minimum, it’s more about shooting your way out.

While the layout and texturing is about 90% completed, there’s still quite some work to do like adding lighting, entities, decals, etc.
I will be making use of some prefabs created by the fine community of Half-Life such as vehicles as it saves me a tremendous amount of time.

I will be posting more pics once I start working on lighting. I still haven’t decided if I want the event in the map to take place during the night or day. I’ll guess we’ll see what looks best once I closed everything up.

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