Playthrough: Detain, a map for Duke Nukem 3D

For the second playthrough video, we will be returning to the glory of Duke Nukem 3D. I was very young when I first got my hands on it and remember being blown away by the sheer amount of interactivity and destruction that the game had to offer compared to the Wolfenstein and Doom series.

The single player map for Duke Nukem 3D called Detain released only a couple of months ago, on the 20th of June to be exact. It is created by Maisth and is actually a sequel to Escape, another map for Duke Nukem 3D by the same author, which I haven’t played yet. It is not required though, as the story in Detain is pretty straightforward and I didn’t have the feeling that I missed essential elements from the prequel.

Detain will keep you busy for 10 to 15 minutes. Entity placement like ammo, health and enemies feels balanced. I played the map on the “Come Get Some” difficulty and was given a good challenge without getting overwhelmed. The author makes good use of what the Build engine has to offer. There are plenty of explosions too, which is always nice. I will probably play through Maisth’s Escape map in the near future to see what that’s all about but for now, just sit back and enjoy the video!


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