Blocktober: Quake II

In celebration of the annual Blocktober month, I’ve made this 10-minute fast forwarded video where I block out a section of my Quake II map that’s still in an early development phase. The real-time level design session took me about 45 minutes.

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, blocking out levels or ‘greyboxing’ is a common technique used by level designers where they add simple shapes to a level to see if the level is compatible with the intended gameplay. It allows the level designer to quickly change certain parts of the level without the need for retexturing or changing the art assets, which are added later in the development cycle.

The Quake II map you see in the video will make use of the custom cyberpunk texture set which was originally used in Arvy’s Doom II map called Diabolus Ex. I am planning to do live level design sessions in the future but for now, enjoy the video!

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