Going live!

So a couple of days ago I started streaming again after quite a while. This time complete with live commentary and video feed. It was quite the challenge because English isn’t my native language and sometimes I was struggling to find the correct words to express myself. Despite that, I really enjoyed streaming.  As time passes by, I’m sure that I’ll be able to improve myself. I wanted to give you a short overview of my streaming setup and how I’m planning to use Twitch and YouTube as additional platforms to provide content.

The gear

In order to ensure a decent streaming quality, I bought some gear that wasn’t too expensive but was good enough to at least provide my viewers with nice audio and video. Let’s go through the stuff I recently purchased for streaming. I will do a full specs post of my entire setup in the future.

The mic

When you’re streaming and providing commentary, the quality level of your audio is very important according to most people. In order to meet these requirements, I bought the GXT 252 Emita Streaming Microphone. Since it’s a USB mic, it’s extremely easy to set it up. Just plug and play basically. There’s also a pop filter included, which is a nice addition. I’m sure there are better microphones out there but for just starting out, you get a very decent mic for a reasonable price.

The cam

The Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam was my weapon of choice to show myself to the world. It provides excellent visual quality in 1080p and has autofocus. The cam also automatically adjusts the light level so everyone who watches you will see you very clearly, even if the room you’re playing in is dimly lit. The built-in microphone is good but not great. For that reason I purchased a separate microphone.

Future plans

I’m really enjoying streaming so far and I would like to do some more live level design and modeling sessions in the future. Unfortunately, my current job doesn’t allow me to stream on regular days or hours but I will try to plan my future stream sessions and leave a notification of my next stream session on my website and Twiter account. I will also start working on some video tutorials which cover various level design and modeling topics. Improving and having fun while doing so is what it’s all about and I’m looking forward to seeing you online!

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