Today’s stream result of my Quake II cyberpunk themed map

Unfortunately I had to end the previous level design stream early because of some internet connection problems. Fortunately, these issues were resolved and today we could continue work on my Quake II cyberpunk map.

The older section of the map after some touching up

I did some touching up on an older part of the map but I also worked on an entire new section and after some experimenting, I came up with a nice idea. I decided to divide the map into different parts where each part has a specific combination of new textures and colors while still trying to maintain consistency throughout the entire level.

An entire new part of the level with some different color combinations

I’m hoping that this will provide enough visual variety in the different parts of the level without looking out-of-place. Keep in mind that this is all still a work in progress and that changes will occur in future versions.

If you’d like to watch today’s stream, you can do so here. Due to some interfering elements I wasn’t able to provide commentary during the stream. Next time, I will be back in full!

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