Ripping and tearing through Coffee Break, a level pack for Doom II

So yesterday we had some fun playing an excellent map pack for good old Doom II called Coffee Break. I had the Brütal Doom mod enabled because I  was craving for some extra blood and guts. Who wouldn’t after a long day of work, right?

About Coffee Break

Coffee Break is a map pack for Doom II, consisting of a total of 11 new levels with some custom textures and custom music included and requires a Boom-compatible engine to run. It was released somewhere in 2012 and the original intention of the author, Matt Tropiano, was to create a full 32-level megawad. Unfortunately it didn’t come to that but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a great experience with the levels that are provided.

The player isn’t the only one doing all the ripping and tearing

Level Analysis

The levels in this pack are all fairly simple in layout and easy to navigate through. Matt kept each level short but fun, which is exactly what I want when I need some time to relax and play some games. When I talk about simple layout, I don’t necessarily mean simple in execution. While you won’t encounter any high levels of detail, you will notice that the author put a lot of thought in the creation of his maps and there’s certainly attention to detail, albeit subtly presented. You will encounter plenty of traps of which quite a few can be nasty and sneaky, forcing you to watch your back whenever a monster closet opens or enemies teleport in. You will also be revisiting some parts of certain levels several times and whenever you do need to do some backtracking, those areas are refilled with new prey so you always have something to do.


Matt makes good use of the standard textures that are on offer, keeping the nostalgic vibe pretty high. The custom textures that are included from other Doom II projects never feel out-of-place and are sparingly but wisely used throughout the levels. I was very pleased hearing some music from other classics as well. Story-wise there really isn’t much to go on but as the title suggests, it is perfect for those moments where you have some free time and you like to spend that time with some relentless slaughter. It took me around 3,5 hours and a couple of violent deaths to complete the entire set but I enjoyed every moment of it, especially with all the extra containers of blood provided by Brütal Doom.

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