My thoughts on Doom 3: Phobos – Episode 1

In case you missed it, today I have been playing through the first episode of Doom 3: Phobos, the new mod for Doom 3 by Team Future. The project has been in development for many years but the result is truly incredible! Please note that you will need both Doom 3 and its official expansion, Resurrection of Evil, to play this mod.

Story versus combat

The story in Doom 3: Phobos is deeper than what you find in the original Doom 3 game with more focus on the history and personality of your character. The time period is set around the same time as the original invasion in Doom 3 takes place. The mod starts off pretty slow but that doesn’t make it less interesting. They’ve stepped away from the silent protagonist this time, which suits the story very well. You experience a couple of flashbacks throughout the game but they are spread out perfectly so that it never gets tedious or takes you out of the action.

This new and improved shotgun has quite a kick to it

Doom 3 on steroids

Speaking of action, it will take quite some time to reach the moment when you acquire your first gun but when you do, oh boy, adrenaline starts flowing! Once the game is on and the invasion takes place, the mod  throws monsters at you that all seem to be on steroids. They clearly put in some effort to make your enemies smarter, faster, stronger and better. If you come from standard Doom 3, you will definitely need a moment to adjust to the faster paced action. Thankfully, your arsenal got an upgrade as well and with all these elements combined, it almost feels like a totally different experience. Team Future absolutely nailed this part.

They sure know how to decorate a room

Digital art

The levels, models, textures and basically all custom content are top-notch and up there with the original Doom 3, which is quite an achievement. When playing through this mod, you will definitely have your nostalgic moments where you can clearly see that they took inspiration from other classic shooters, which is great. You even have some references to Wolfenstein 3D and PacMan! There’s also an excellent but nasty surprise at the end, which I’m not going to spoil here.

One thing I noticed from the beginning is the high level of quality of the voice acting. This is something that’s often a bit overlooked, especially in fan made projects. It shows that there are a lot of talented individuals over at Team Future. Throw everything together and your have a product that is well worth paying for – but it’s free! I congratulate Team Future for putting together such a beautiful and well-crafted piece of art and I am eager to continue the story when episode 2 is released!

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