My thoughts on TNT: Revilution

I know I’m a bit late to the party but I recently played through TNT: Revilution for the first time. It’s a 32-level megawad for the official Doom II expansion called Final Doom so you actually need the original TNT.wad file to play this mod. TNT: Revilution has been through quite a turbulent development cycle spanning several years but eventually, thanks to the Doomworld community, the project saw the light of day in 2017.

According to the project’s leader, the project aims to be a direct sequal to TNT: Evilution and tries to capture its predecessor’s spirit while bringing the visual quality and game play up to modern standards. While there’s a noticeable difference between TNT: Evilution’s and TNT: Revilution’s visuals and game play, it still has that old school vibe and it definitely feels like a true sequel. In terms of level detail, I wouldn’t say it’s up there with today’s standards but it all looks very polished and I don’t think the mod would benefit from too much details anyway.

The visuals are varied and everything looks polished

I had a good time playing through the megawad. There are some very creative design solutions and the visuals are varied and interesting. My only gripe in terms of level design is that some of the layouts are quite confusing and I ended up getting lost more than I’d like to admit. Despite that, the wad will request several hours of your time if you’d like to see it all the way through.

I played this with the Brütal Doom mod on Ultra-Violence so it was at times extremely difficult but I’m sure that if you play the mod the way it’s intended, it’s tough but fair. It’s definitely more action-packed and harder than the original TNT but nowadays Doom fans expect a little more challenge, especially with better controls in newer engines. Health and ammo was sparse in some areas and I had to rely on enemy infighting quite a few times to get the job done. At a certain point I had to figure out a way to sneak past a Spider Mastermind because I simply hadn’t enough ammo to kill her.

Health that looks easy to reach mostly comes with a nasty surprise

If you enjoyed the original TNT: Evilution, you will most likely enjoy this unofficial sequel. The team did their best to pay homage to TNT: Evilution while improving on the necessary parts to provide you with a worthy successor.

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