Stream Highlights #1

The first week of the new and improved stream is finished! As I explained during one of the very first streams, I will be alternating between playing newer games, playing and checking out mods for classic/retro games and creating content (maps, models, etc.). At the time of writing, I’m working on additional content for my YouTube channel but more about that will be revealed in time. You can watch each stream listed below in full on my Twitch channel.

Playthrough: Doom (2016)

The latest Doom game is the first of the “newer” games I just started streaming. Although I finished the full game a couple of days after its initial release, many changes and updates were introduced after that. Enough to justify another playthrough and also because the game is just so much fun to play! Besides the single player campaign, we will be checking out the multiplayer aspect and have a little fun with the level editor as well to see which new assets are available by now. Don’t worry if you missed the beginning, the game will keep me busy for some time!

A video snippet of some DOOM gameplay

Level Design: Annie: Episode 2

During the second stream I continued work on the first map of the second episode of my Doom II project. I created a new room and played around with some lights. I spent quite some time looking for the right textures but in the end, it was time well-spent! Next time when I continue work on this map, I’m going to expand the new room and make some contact with the outer area. I’m confident that the final version will look very pretty!

A video snippet of me working on my map in GZDoomBuilder

I also made an in-game screenshot of the room I worked on just to give you a better idea of the visual style I’m planning to use throughout the map.

In-game screenshot of my map

Mods & Maps: Quake 1.5

Last but not least, I also checked out the new Quake 1.5 mod for Quake, which is mainly a weapons overhaul but clearly drawn some inspiration from Brütal Doom as well. Say hello to seriously pimped weapons, violent deaths and lots of blood and gibs. Though I encountered the occasional glitch and a game-breaking bug, Quake 1.5 has some great potential and adds some cool new features like new enemies, breakable brushes and pretty lights. :

I’m currently playing through the original Quake campaign with the mod enabled and without spoiling too much, I can say that the fight with Chton has never been so intense. I’ll write a complete review once I’ve once again beaten the whole campaign.

A video snippet of the new Quake 1.5 weapons mod

That was a pretty good start for the new stream, no? If you want to see more, feel free to join the Murder and together we can play some games, make some maps and check out some cool mods. See you there!

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