Operation: ADG06, a map for Duke Nukem 3D

Welcome to the first episode of Operations, a new YouTube playlist where I will be playing through awesome custom maps and mods for a variety of games. These individual playthroughs are part of a larger stream session so if you’re interested in more gameplay, follow me on Twitch to get the most out of it.

OK, down to business. The map we have in our scope here is simply called Adg06 and is created by Alejandro Glavic. He has more maps under his belt and if they are anything like this one, I’ll be checking out his other stuff with the highest pleasure.

There’s a small story involved, mainly for the sake of having some motivation for Duke to get out there and kill something. Here it is, in the author’s own words:

Duke bought an apartment in Puerto Madero after applying for a loan with very convenient rates but the building was filled with aliens so his real estate broker advised him to kill’em all in order to increase land value and get a better return on his investment.

Now, the story obviously isn’t the real seller here. It’s the top-notch level design with great attention to detail that really caught my eye. You’ve got a beautiful view of a lovely surrounding city (traffic included!) while blasting through the invaders and the map in general is easy to navigate and just plain fun to explore. Item and monster placement are very well balanced and everything ties together perfectly for a great single player experience. With a nice custom soundtrack included as well, you’ve got a short but sweet package, just the way I like it!

Check out the video below to see what’s it all about. Be aware that this is a full playthrough with all the secrets accounted for so, unless I missed some Easter eggs, spoilers will be plentiful. You can download the map here.

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