Level design: the importance of planning

My first level design related video is here! In the video, I go over a planning technique that can be useful and time-saving when making maps. If you’re an experienced level designer, I’m sure you already know the importance of proper planning. This video is catered more towards those who know their way around a level editor but often struggle with the so-called mapper’s block. I’m not saying this is the perfect solution but it has helped me out tremendously so far.

Two phases

The first phase is basically a diagram where I describe certain story elements, list the objectives, define the areas that will be in the map and connect them together. During the second phase, each area as well as the connection between them will take on a more detailed form. I like to make use of various photos or concept art I find online to help me shape my map. At this point, the video ends and you’re ready to start greyboxing your map in the level editor.


If there’s enough interest, I will continue to make videos about this topic and discuss the actual greyboxing part. You’ll find the full video below. Please let me know what you think of it and if you’re a level designer, amateur or professional, tell me how you like to address the planning phase. Have fun watching!

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