Operation: MMDCXIV (Doom II)

MMDCXIV, or simply 2614 if we convert the Roman numerals, is a large and beautiful map for Doom II featuring a cyberpunk theme. The mastermind behind this piece of art is one of my Twitch followers called Zanieon. It took him about 4 months of work (hiatuses not included) to finish this map, which will be eventually part of a larger compilation.

Zanieon has clearly put some thought into the layout of the map. Due to the big size of the city and non-linear gameplay, you would expect to get lost easily but fortunately that is not the case here. The map is subtly divided into sections and the player is gently guided towards the next objective. During my playthrough, I never had the feeling of being overwhelmed, in terms of map layout and navigation that is.

What did overwhelm me, was the beautiful environment I got to explore. Zanieon included many resources (textures, music, models, sounds, etc.) and put it all perfectly together to create this masterpiece. It just looks extremely impressive, I think we can all agree on that.

Zanieon wanted to avoid some of the clichés that are generally present in large maps like Cyberdemon/Spider Mastermind battles but you can expect some nasty encounters nonetheless. Ammo and health are balanced very good on Ultra-Violence because though I certainly had my nerve-wrecking moments, I never felt like the fights were unfair and there was always some health or ammo lying around to get me trough.

If a picture says more than 1000 words, you should have an excellent idea of what’s it all about after you watch my playthrough. So join me as I plunge my combat boots in the 27th Century!

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