The Captain invades Someplace Else, a single player level for Half-life

Someplace Else is a small single player map for Half-life created by Adam Foster. He’s also the author of Minerva, a great single player map for Half-life 2. Someplace Else is a prologue to Minerva, and may I say an excellent one.

Adam brings in some custom textures to accompany the standard Xen textures, creating a unique composition of a man made structure encapsulated in the well-known substance which makes up the alien home world. The map looks very clean and lots of effort was put in to make sure the textures aligned well, giving it a very professional appearance.

Difficulty levels are spot on and choosing the hard setting surely made every fight a challenge. Health, weapons and ammo are used very sparingly throughout the level but there’s just enough lying around to make sure you’re given a fair chance against the Xen creatures. Adam uses a small range of enemy variation to populate his level and while it wouldn’t do much harm to add a little more variation, I must admit that having a small enemy variation adds to the mystery and charm that surrounds this world.

One more thing worth mentioning is the nostalgia rush I got when I received those text messages from that mysterious entity throughout the map. If you had access to internet in the 90’s, you will definitely recognize the sound of the classic dial-up modems. Dear God, that really made me feel old! Nonetheless, it’s a very interesting way to tell a story and it’s something I really miss in modern games.

Watch the video below to see the full playthrough of Someplace Else. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did playing through it!

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