Run, think, shoot, LIVEville 2: Backcut

Backcut is the winner of the Run, think, shoot, LIVE ville 2 contest where entrants were required to create a map with four distinct segments. These segments (Run, Think, Shoot, and Live) all had their own requirements and optional challenges. I can honestly say that you will have to make creative use of the sawblades in more ways than lobbing them at enemies.

Since it’s the first map of the pack that I checked out, I can’t really compare it to the other maps that are included but Backcut looks very good in general and the objectives are very well communicated to the player with clear visual language throughout. Expect some heavy encounters because weapons and ammo are rather limited.

Check out the full playthrough below. I forgot to record the video so unfortunately the max settings are 720p/30 fps but they shouldn’t get too much in the way of your viewing pleasure.

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