Doom II: In Name Only – Barrels ‘o’ Fun

I still dream of explosive barrels after the latest OP. Doom II: In Name Only is a full 32-level community project where authors had to create a map based solely on the original Doom II map names. This allows for some creativity and while I’m currently still playing through the pack (there are some HUGE maps in there), I can honestly say that it has been a pleasant experience so far. While not every map is my cup of tea, there certainly are some maps that really stand out and show great creativity throughout.

For future megawads I might record all levels and put them on my YouTube channel separately but for now, I’ve chosen to put a highly explosive and fun map on display: Barrels ‘o’ Fun. I can imagine making a map with this name must have been very fun because there are really no rules in terms of layout. You just have to show some creativity with the main treat, explosive barrels.

I went through this and got my brains splattered against the wall more than once. Playing with the Brütal Doom mod on Ultra Violence sure didn’t make things easier but in the end it was indeed, as the name of the map dictates, a very fun experience. Watch me die, shoot and run as I dodge explosions coming from all directions. Be sure to check out my Twitch channel if you’re interested in watching me play through the rest of the pack. For now, enjoy the video!

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