Doom II: In Name Only map 28 – The Spirit World playthrough

Dear members of Cobra Company, I can inform you that I’ve FINALLY completed the Doom II: In Name Only megawad. It had been a fun ride with lots of creative and good looking maps. I only recently started recording my playthroughs to upload them to my YouTube channel. Because of this I didn’t record every map in this pack so a recording of me fighting my way through The Spirit World seems like a good moment to stop and start something new.

I will be recording full megawads and large projects for other games in the future so consider this a testing phase. I have great plans for my Twitch and YouTube channels and there will be loads of future content so be sure to follow me there if you want to keep up!

As for the map itself, I can honestly say the author did a great job at holding up to the name. The visuals are great and I truly got the feeling that I was in a Spirit World. Apart from some bottlenecks and the occasional lack of maneuverability the gameplay was good. I must warn you however, this map was definitely not a walk in the park. At times, the monster count was so high that the FPS started to drop heavily but miraculously we managed to get out.

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