Neon Viper News on YouTube

During the last couple of months, I’ve acquired some more following through my Twitch, YouTube and Twitter channels. Slowly but certainly, my community called the Neon Vipers is growing. There are talented individuals among the Neon Vipers in various fields (level design, art, music, etc.) and I’d like to thank them for their loyalty and helpfulness.

That is the reason why I’m going to start a new YouTube series called “Neon Viper News”. This way, I can show off the projects that various members of my community are working on, as well as showcase my own work that’s currently in development. Some of my Twitch highlights will be featured on the series as well.

I’m aiming for a weekly update, depending on how much news is posted on our Discord server. If you’re a retro gaming fan and a content creator or you have interesting retro gaming related news, please consider joining our community on Discord and post it there. If you like to have something featured on the Neon Viper news, post it in the “spotlight” channel of our Discord server. Needless to say, if you’re just looking to meet new retro minded individuals and have a nice chat, you’re more than welcome as well.

I will start working on the first episode in a couple of days and hopefully I will get the first video online by the end of the week. Hope to hear from you soon and have a nice day!

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