Neon Viper News Episode 1 is online!

My fellow retro gaming fans, I’d like to announce that the very first episode of my brand new Neon Viper News series on YouTube is online. As mentioned in the previous article, this is my way of giving something back to everyone that devotes some of his/her time to watch me stream and develop stuff for retro games. It will also be used as a way to inform everyone of whatever I’m doing in the future or did in the recent past.

In the first episode, we covered six topics. Let’s go over them and provide a little additional information.

Topic 1: What is Neon Viper News?

Here I told something about how it all came to be. If you have been reading my previous post and this one, you kinda already knew what it’s about.

Topic 2: The future of Twitch

We went over the past of my short Twitch career and the ideas and vision I have for my future streams. The more we proceed into the future, the deeper we’re digging into the past – let that sink in for a minute.

Topic 3: Doom II: Annie

Since I’ve been making significant progress on episode 2 of my Annie project, I showed some level design action along with 4 in-game screenshots.

Topic 4: Sigil by John Romero

A couple of days ago, we’ve completed the Sigil map pack created by the man himself, John Romero. In this topic, I gave you my thoughts about the project. If you’d like to watch the full stream, you can do so here: until the video is automatically deleted.

Topic 5: Hunter’s Moon by Zanieon

Ladies & Gentlemen, our good man Zanieon granted me an exclusive peek at one of the most ambitious Doom II projects out there: Hunter’s Moon. It’s still in active development but I got a peek at some of the levels that are completed. I’m still not finished with this so keep an eye on my Twitch account if you want too see some of the other levels as well. You can watch a part of the first level here: while it lasts on Twitch.

Topic 6: Spooky midi by Immorpher

Last but not least, Immorpher sent me a great midi track he made in collaboration with the author of Sigil’s midi tracks. Both eerie and beautiful. I’ve included a short snippet of the audio file in the video.

Those are all the topics that were covered in the first episode. If you’re a retro fan or a retro developer, feel free to join our Discord server and put your work in the “Spotlight” channel to have it featured on Neon Viper News, or simply stop by and have a chat with the other members. Hope to hear from you!

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