Neon Viper News #4: Doom II: Annie, Paganitzu, Doom 64 and more!

Greetings fellow retro gamers and content creators! We’ve reached number 4 of our Neon Viper News series and I’ve got some new exciting updates for you today!

We take a look at the result of introducing sector portals into episode 2 of my Doom II: Annie project. I’ve already covered a small portion in this article but since then, some more work was done and I’d like to share the result with you through another news update.

I’m also excited to share a glimpse of the next game we’re going to stream on Twitch after Hard Reset: Paganitzu! I also intend to create a new series on YouTube where I’m going to share my playthroughs and talk about some good memories and nightmares those games gave me when I was young.

A recently released website called Retropew lists a good amount of oldschool shooter games as well as new and upcoming retro inspired shooters and where you can find them. If you want to check out what’s on there or want to add some games to the list that you think need to be on there, visit and have a look!

Immorpher has been tempering with some Doom 64 weapons as well and is currently busy implementing them into the classic Doom games. He took some liberties with the weapons so they’ll behave a little different that you would expect. The project is still in development but you can see one of the weapons in action in the video below. Enjoy watching and until next time!

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