Working with Blender 3D: the beginning

Ever since I’ve played my first true 3D game, I developed an interest in 3D modeling. For some reason, I never pursued modeling as a hobby. Instead, I turned to level design, probably because back then I thought it was easier. Since I recently joined Koryu Studios to work on Shotgun Samurai, I finally pushed through and forced myself to really start learning Blender. And man am I glad I did!

Blender can be an overwhelming experience at first but thankfully there are some amazing people on YouTube who can really bring some order in the chaos and teach the ins and outs of this rather excellent and free program. I’ve been at it for several days now and started working on some models for our game.

My very first model in progress for Shotgun Samurai. It’s a module that boost certain abilities when picked up.

There’s still tons to learn of course and by now means would I call myself a skilled modeler at this point. It’s mainly thanks to the free lessons from Grant Abbit that I’ve really managed to actually learn some of the basics that helped me with my low poly modeling.

A small health pack

The most important thing however, is that I’m having so much fun with Blender. The models I’m making are technically not that hard but they are perfect for our retro shooter. I’m constantly learning new things and it won’t be long before I’ll start to tackle some more advanced shapes.

A small battery for the Nano Armor

Blender offers a ton of possibilities and allows me to pump out these low poly models really fast. At the moment I’m digging the art style but changes may still occur because consistency throughout the whole game is very important. I will probably start with texture painting to add some wear ‘n’ tear to the models. Hopefully I can showcase my first truly completed model very soon. Once I really get the hang of things, I’ll start live streaming my modeling as well so if you’re interested in modeling, come check me out sometime!

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