Twitch playthrough: Desintegration, a 2-level map pack for Doom II

Between all the mapping, we find some time to play some custom maps as well. This week we have a two maps for Doom II. The author gives us the following information:

DESINTEGRATION – is a two-level wad. This wad was created in two days. Design – tech-base. The architecture of this WAD is quite simple, as is the detail. The difficulty level is approximately medium. The palette has been slightly changed. I changed green, red, brown and blue. This wad was created in the UDMF format and tested in the GZDOOM (this port is recommended). You can use absolutely any gameplay mod, because I did not use custom monsters and weapons in this wad.

The maps are small in size and filled with monsters so naturally we had to go for that extra challenge and play it with Brütal Doom. Architecture and gameplay are good, especially if you consider the short development time. I had fun playing this and look forward to what the author comes up with next.

You can download the file here. Enjoy!

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