The Neon Chapters: Quake Sewer Jam

After a level design or modeling stream, I enjoy playing some good games or custom maps/mods. One of the latest projects I’ve completed is the Halloween Jam 2 for Quake. There were quite some interesting and beautiful maps in the pack of which the playthroughs will eventually be uploaded to my YouTube channel.

The Quake Sewer Jam is also a very nice set of levels that involved several level designers from the Quake community. The project was led by the same individual, Andrew Yoder. I’m currently uploading all the levels to my YouTube channel. At the time of this writing, there are already a bunch of the playthroughs available for you to watch. Note that these were all live recorded and only slightly edited before uploading.

I try to give some comments about the maps during the playthrough so I’m not going into too much detail here. However, I can say that I enjoyed this map jam. The quality of the maps can vary since there are several authors of different skill levels involved but overall it is a strong entrance into an already excellent user created content base for Quake.

Below is a playthrough of one of the maps, If You Could Do It All Again, by Andrew Yoder. You can check out the rest of the maps on my YouTube channel. I will start uploading the playthroughs of the Halloween Jam 2 soon. Enjoy!

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