Neon Highlights #2: Doom II: Annie, Blender 3D and Max Payne!

While I’ve been hard at work improving the brand of my social media channels, I have been quite busy with some game development as well. The video below will showcase some of the things that kept me busy during the last week.

A small compilation of everything that I’ve been up to

Doom II: Annie

The first map of episode 2 is nearing completion. There’s only a very small portion of the map that needs to be added before I can start cleaning up the entire map. It will probably take some weeks to get a demo version out but I’ll do my best to release it before the end of the year.

Low poly modeling for Shotgun Samurai

I’ve been doing some touch-ups on my rocket ammo model for Shotgun Samurai. I’ve learned quite a lot since I’ve started using Blender 3D a couple months ago and I’m really loving it. It’s actually the first time I’ll start streaming some 3D modeling as well. The last week I’ve been making some small changes to my older models but I will start an entire new one soon so if you’re interested in low poly modeling, stop by on my Twitch channel and say hello.

Max Payne

After all these years, I decided to pick up the wonderful Max Payne game on PC again. It has been such a joy so far to relive the experience. There are so many details that I never paid too much attention for when I was younger like the amazing detailed brushwork, the excellent voice acting, the wonderful storytelling and the great action sequences. At the time of writing, we stranded at chapter 2 so there’s still loads of gameplay ahead. Be sure to follow me on Twitch so you don’t miss out!

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