Annie – E2M1: Kingdom of the Green Popsicle

Yeah, I know, the title will probably raise more questions than answers them. Let me give you a quick explanation.

Yesterday, I was streaming some more Doom II: Annie level design on Twitch and I was working on some the ceiling details of one particular area through the use of sector portals.

I wasn’t really prepared or sure of the construction and suddenly I had this idea of adding some pillars with green torches on top. One of the viewers, which shall remain anonymous for the time being, called the map “Kingdom of the Green Popsicle”. I liked this so much that I just decided to adopt this.

Some sector portal magic – the sky texture will be replaced with a cool and fitting skybox once the level is completed

That wasn’t all however. Not only did he come up with the name, he also worked on a very cool Easter egg to go with that during the stream. Once this new and exclusive prop is done, I’ll implement it into the map. I’m very exited about this because it’s just extremely cool! Apparently we’ve got some very good sprite artists among the Neon Vipers!

In fact, it’s so cool that I decided to build an extra secret room just to display this. You can follow my Twitch channel if you’re interested in watching these kind of development streams.

If you like, you can watch yesterday’s video here. The link will remain available for about 2 weeks:

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