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Getting better at Blender3D

So, I have been modeling for several weeks now and after watching countless tutorials, I'm starting to get better at working with Blender. At the time of writing, I have made several models, from health packs to armor batteries for our cyberpunk retro shooter called Shotgun Samurai. One of the advantages of developing a futuristic… Continue reading Getting better at Blender3D


Working with Blender 3D: the beginning

Ever since I've played my first true 3D game, I developed an interest in 3D modeling. For some reason, I never pursued modeling as a hobby. Instead, I turned to level design, probably because back then I thought it was easier. Since I recently joined Koryu Studios to work on Shotgun Samurai, I finally pushed… Continue reading Working with Blender 3D: the beginning

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Creating the playgrounds for Shotgun Samurai

Greetings my fellow retro gaming lovers! It's time for another article because I've been quite busy the last couple of weeks working on our brand-new retro FPS called Shotgun Samurai. The lack of sharing content during this period doesn't mean I haven't been hard at work. We're still setting the ground rules for our game… Continue reading Creating the playgrounds for Shotgun Samurai