Cobra Company secured a position on Discord

Hi folks! Just posting a small message to let you know that I've created my own Discord server. If you want to post your own art, mods, maps, models, have questions in the field of 3D modeling/level design, want to let us know what's on your mind or you just want to voice chat with… Continue reading Cobra Company secured a position on Discord

Doom 2, Playthroughs

Operation: MMDCXIV (Doom II)

MMDCXIV, or simply 2614 if we convert the Roman numerals, is a large and beautiful map for Doom II featuring a cyberpunk theme. The mastermind behind this piece of art is one of my Twitch followers called Zanieon. It took him about 4 months of work (hiatuses not included) to finish this map, which will… Continue reading Operation: MMDCXIV (Doom II)

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Level design: the importance of planning

My first level design related video is here! In the video, I go over a planning technique that can be useful and time-saving when making maps. If you're an experienced level designer, I'm sure you already know the importance of proper planning. This video is catered more towards those who know their way around a… Continue reading Level design: the importance of planning

Duke Nukem 3D, Playthroughs

Operation: ADG06, a map for Duke Nukem 3D

Welcome to the first episode of Operations, a new YouTube playlist where I will be playing through awesome custom maps and mods for a variety of games. These individual playthroughs are part of a larger stream session so if you're interested in more gameplay, follow me on Twitch to get the most out of it.… Continue reading Operation: ADG06, a map for Duke Nukem 3D

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Stream Highlights #1

The first week of the new and improved stream is finished! As I explained during one of the very first streams, I will be alternating between playing newer games, playing and checking out mods for classic/retro games and creating content (maps, models, etc.). At the time of writing, I'm working on additional content for my… Continue reading Stream Highlights #1