Switcheroom is a community project where all of the original maps found in The Ultimate Doom are re-created with a twist. The themes of each episode are switched, which leads to the original E1M1: Hangar being converted to fit the theme of episode 3: Inferno and so on. I contributed one map for this project, E1M4: Sladwall Inc. The project stays close to the original mapping style so while you don’t get extremely detailed levels, you can expect to have a good time by discovering The Ultimate Doom all over again.


Game: The Ultimate Doom: Thy Flesh Consumed
Category: maps
Version: 1
Release date: 10/17/2014
Advanced engine required: none
Number of maps: 36
Type: single player, co-op, deathmatch
Gameplay settings: standard

An in-game screenshot of Switcheroom

Download Switcheroom

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