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Retro gaming: Mortal Kombat on Game Boy – part 1

Yes, you read that correctly! I've uploaded the first part of my brand new retrogaming series on YouTube. We'll be going through a ton of games on Game Boy, NES, etc. I've found that I really enjoy playing through these older games from my childhood again. Not all of them were good but there's a… Continue reading Retro gaming: Mortal Kombat on Game Boy – part 1

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Neon Viper News #2: Hard Reset Redux stream and 90% discount on Steam

Greetings my fellow retro gamers! The second episode of Neon Viper News comes a bit early and unexpected but with good reason! Not only do I want to let you know that I've started streaming the playthrough of Hard Reset Redux on Twitch, there's still a 90% discount on the game through Steam! In the… Continue reading Neon Viper News #2: Hard Reset Redux stream and 90% discount on Steam

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Operation: MMDCXIV (Doom II)

MMDCXIV, or simply 2614 if we convert the Roman numerals, is a large and beautiful map for Doom II featuring a cyberpunk theme. The mastermind behind this piece of art is one of my Twitch followers called Zanieon. It took him about 4 months of work (hiatuses not included) to finish this map, which will… Continue reading Operation: MMDCXIV (Doom II)

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Operation: ADG06, a map for Duke Nukem 3D

Welcome to the first episode of Operations, a new YouTube playlist where I will be playing through awesome custom maps and mods for a variety of games. These individual playthroughs are part of a larger stream session so if you're interested in more gameplay, follow me on Twitch to get the most out of it.… Continue reading Operation: ADG06, a map for Duke Nukem 3D

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Stream Highlights #1

The first week of the new and improved stream is finished! As I explained during one of the very first streams, I will be alternating between playing newer games, playing and checking out mods for classic/retro games and creating content (maps, models, etc.). At the time of writing, I'm working on additional content for my… Continue reading Stream Highlights #1

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Playthrough: Derelict facility for Quake II

From the first moment I saw Quake II in all its glory, I knew that this game was going to forever hold a place among my personal top 5. There's something about the whole story of the Strogg and the fantastic game play that really appeals to me, even to this day. Something that makes… Continue reading Playthrough: Derelict facility for Quake II

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My thoughts on TNT: Revilution

I know I'm a bit late to the party but I recently played through TNT: Revilution for the first time. It's a 32-level megawad for the official Doom II expansion called Final Doom so you actually need the original TNT.wad file to play this mod. TNT: Revilution has been through quite a turbulent development cycle… Continue reading My thoughts on TNT: Revilution