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Annie: Episode 1 version 1.1 released

I've been working on an update for the first episode of Annie, my Doom II project. The updated version fixes some gameplay bugs and texture misalignments. I've also added some extra health in Annie's lair because there was some feedback concerning the difficulty. You can download version 1.1 from the project page.


Playthrough: Detain, a map for Duke Nukem 3D

For the second playthrough video, we will be returning to the glory of Duke Nukem 3D. I was very young when I first got my hands on it and remember being blown away by the sheer amount of interactivity and destruction that the game had to offer compared to the Wolfenstein and Doom series. The… Continue reading Playthrough: Detain, a map for Duke Nukem 3D

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Progress report: HAZMAT, my latest map for Half-Life

If you read my post on Twitter now and then, you might know that I am currently working on a vanilla Half-Life map. Though I have been playing around with the GoldSrc engine, this will be my very first fully playable Half-Life map. During the early construction stage of the map, I learned about this… Continue reading Progress report: HAZMAT, my latest map for Half-Life

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Mapping for Half-Life

Okay, let's get this show on the road! I will write about how I recently got into Half-Life mapping, which tools I'm currently using and a fast way to get something done in the editor. Please note that this post is about how it works best for me. There may be other methods that are… Continue reading Mapping for Half-Life