Neon Viper News on YouTube

During the last couple of months, I've acquired some more following through my Twitch, YouTube and Twitter channels. Slowly but certainly, my community called the Neon Vipers is growing. There are talented individuals among the Neon Vipers in various fields (level design, art, music, etc.) and I'd like to thank them for their loyalty and… Continue reading Neon Viper News on YouTube

Doom 3, Playthroughs

My thoughts on Doom 3: Phobos – Episode 1

In case you missed it, today I have been playing through the first episode of Doom 3: Phobos, the new mod for Doom 3 by Team Future. The project has been in development for many years but the result is truly incredible! Please note that you will need both Doom 3 and its official expansion,… Continue reading My thoughts on Doom 3: Phobos – Episode 1

Level Design, Personal Projects

Today’s stream result of my Quake II cyberpunk themed map

Unfortunately I had to end the previous level design stream early because of some internet connection problems. Fortunately, these issues were resolved and today we could continue work on my Quake II cyberpunk map. I did some touching up on an older part of the map but I also worked on an entire new section… Continue reading Today’s stream result of my Quake II cyberpunk themed map

Level Design, Personal Projects

Mapping for Half-Life: today’s stream result

Been going at it today in TrenchBroom. I've continued working on my HAZMAT map for Half-Life. Since I'm no longer bound by a deadline, I decided to expand the map and block out an entire new section. The final result of today's stream is displayed in the screenshot below. If you're interested to see the… Continue reading Mapping for Half-Life: today’s stream result


Going live!

So a couple of days ago I started streaming again after quite a while. This time complete with live commentary and video feed. It was quite the challenge because English isn't my native language and sometimes I was struggling to find the correct words to express myself. Despite that, I really enjoyed streaming.  As time… Continue reading Going live!